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Hallmark released greeting cards, party goods and ornaments.

carded figure

Indiana Jones
Release: 2008
Number: QXI4294

Indiana Jones is a renowned professor of archaelology, expert on the occult, and obtainer of many of the world's rarest antiquities. Brandishing his bullwhip, pistol, and plenty of bravado, Indy is simply not one to be trifled with! In the 1981 Academy Arward-winning Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dr. Jones treks through dense Peruvian jungles, dodges bullets in snowly Nepal, and races across the scorching sand on the outskirts of Cairo in a heroic attempt to reclaim the mysterious Ark of the Covenant from the Nazis. Will Indy save the day? Only time will tell!

carded figure

Retrieving the Idol
Release: 2009
Number: QXI1165

Share this scene from the opening moments of Raiders of the Lost ArkTM that introduced movie fans to the thrilling heroics of archeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones. Plays "The Raiders March." Battery operated. By Kristina Kline-Gaughran. 3 1/2".

carded figure

Surrounded By Snakes
Release: 2010
Number: QXI2213

Even if you hate snakes as much as Indy, you'll love adding this action-packed ornament to your tree. Hear a memorable clip from the scene and music from "The Raiders March." Battery operated. By Kristina Kline-Gaughran. 4 1/4".

carded figure

Indy In Action
Release: 2011
Number: QXI2059

Keepsake Ornaments let you bring big milestones and little moments to your tree for you to remember always.


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